11th Gwangju Biennale
2. 9. – 6. 11. 2016

Monthly Gatherings

Monthly Gathering is a series of informal gatherings in Gwangju which aims at fostering and deepening connections between the Gwangju Biennale and the local art community of Gwangju, specially its younger sections. Running from January to November 2016, Monthly Gathering is a collaboration between Mite-Ugro, the Gwangju-based art collective and local curatorial associate of this edition of the Biennale, and the rest of the curatorial team, that brings together artists, students, citizens, and initiatives in Gwangju as well as fellows of GB11 in other cities in Korea. Each Monthly Gathering takes place over a few days at Mite-Ugro’s project space in Daein Market, and through the varying scales of activities creates situations for both formal and informal connections and face-to-face contacts based on shared concerns.

In its role as local curatorial associate Mite-Ugro is an important node to connect the Biennale with Gwangju-based and international practitioners and organizations, as well as to embed it before and after the exhibition period. Monthly Gatherings are planned around the same dates as the Infra-School lecture and seminar series in order to engage and connect different groups in Gwangju. Alongside the other public programs such as Infra-School, the “To All the Contributing Factors” Forum, and the docents program, Monthly Gathering aims to jointly identify and produce shared concerns and create connections that will continue productively beyond GB11.

Monthly Gathering’s multifaceted programming is developed through conversation between Mite-Ugro and the Biennale curatorial team. It includes:

The Mite-Ugro Art and Theory Book Collection

Visiting curators and artists as well as their colleagues, peers, and friends are asked to bring or send publications, which are in turn collected and registered in an online database at Mite-Ugro. After one year the collection will be transferred to a library which can facilitate long-term access and maintenance.

It would be fantastic if you could bring books or extra copies of your catalogues for Mite-Ugro when you visit Gwangju or send to the following address.

Mite- Ugro Collective
7-6, Jebong-ro 184beon-gil, Dong-gu
Gwangju, 61427
South Korea

Phone: +82 10 4718 0187 (Mr Seoungki Cho)
+82 10 2395 8796 (Haeun Cho)

Group Readings

Bilingual texts (Korean and English) from books collected at Mite-Ugro that respond to core concerns of the GB11 curatorial team are selected for group readings. Participants of the group reading take turns to read out loud the text in their language of choice, followed by a discussion that is translated into either Korean or English as appropriate. The group readings are held at Mite-Ugro’s space, open to all, and include Biennale artists and curators as participants as well.

Artist Screenings

This series of regular screenings at Mite-Ugro aims to introduce GB11 artists through an informal sharing of their work, and includes films by Dora Garcia, Julia Sarisetiati, Ane Hjort Guttu, Ann Lislegaard, Jeamin Cha, Hito Steyerl, and David Maljkovic among others. The screening program is outlined by the curatorial team with the special input of assistant curators Azar Mahmoudian and Margarida Mendes, and Mite-Ugro. Korean subtitles are provided. Each screening is followed up by a Q&A session and discussion at which the artists are often present.

The Artwork in Focus

A group of maximum fifteen people including local artists and curators, GB11 artists and curatorial team, and others gather to discuss the works of two Gwangju-based artists at a time. These discussions aim to contribute to critical debates in Gwangju and build a sense of discursive community by creating focused, intense conversations about art. For each event an open call is conducted by Mite-Ugro, from which two artists are selected.

Curated Walks

Mite-Ugro, the GB11 curatorial team, and practitioners from various disciplines such as sociology, history, and urban studies curate different walking paths through the city and suburbs to experience and engage with urgent topics in Gwangju, for example gentrification. The end of each curated walk is marked by a shared meal amongst all participants. Each curated walk is attended by a maximum of thirty people and open to all on a first-come-first-served basis.
October 2016

22 October
Curated Walk by Mite-Ugro collective at Daein Market
Curated Walk by Mite-Ugro collective: facing past and present of Daein market and the old section of Gwangju through personal memories of Mite-Ugro collective.

21 October
Biennale Halls: Group reading and discussion
Group reading and discussion of "Virus(second chapter)-1" in Feedback: Television Against Democracy by David Joselit at the Bik van der pol Installation.

21 October
Biennial Halls: The Art Work in Focus group discussion of artworks by Inseon Park with presence of the artist.

20 October
Biennial Halls: The Art Work in Focus group discussion of Toxic, Opaque, To Valerie Solanas and Marilyn Monroe in Recognition of their Desperation by Pauline Boudry / Renate Lorenz.

September 2016

10 September
Curated walk by artist Bernd Krauss in the Mudeung area

09 September
Biennial Halls: Group Reading with Book Society

09 September
Biennial Halls: The Art Work in Focus discussing works of GB11 artist Seola Kim

08 September
Biennial Halls: Discussion of works of GB11 artists Renate Lorenz and Pauline Boudry

August 2016

20 August
Curated Walk

19 August
Mite-Ugro: Group reading of “The Art-Architecture Complex” by Hal Foster

19 August
Mite-Ugro: The Art Work in Focus with Natascha Sadr Haghighian (TBC)

18 August
Mite-Ugro: Screening of works by Sojung Jun

July 2016

30 July
Curated walk: Hainuwele myth of Kyungyang dike
Walking around the Kyungyang lake which is disappeared now. Nam Soo Kim(Choreography critic) will connect stories of the Hainuwele myth that water’s energy has and democracy that Gwangju generated politically in contemporary history of Korea.

29 July
Mite-Ugro: The Art Work in Focus - group discussion of artworks with Min Shin and Sung Kyeol Kim

29 July
Mite-Ugro: Group reading of “Institutional Experiments between Aesthetics and Activism” by Jonas Ekeberg in Self-Organisation, eds. Stine Hebert and Ane Szefer Karlsen

28 July
Mite-Ugro: Screening of 'Freedom Needs Free People' by Ane Hjort Guttu

June 2016

11 June
Curated walk: “Creating Urban Forest and Village through Participation” Representative of Sansu Darak Corperative, Hye Kyung Song, will talk about urban regeneration, community building, ecology, and networked field which is activated by the art comm

10 June
Mite-Ugro: The Artwork in Focus With Youngmee Roh and Down Jeong. GB11 artists Bik van der Pol and Gunilla Klingberg will participate in the session.

10 June
Mite-Ugro: Group reading of Claire Bishop, Radical Museology

09 June
Mite-Ugro: Screening of a selection of works by GB11 artist Zhou Tao

May 2016

21 May
Curated walk: “Hearing the Story of Gwangju People at the Scene of 18 May” Park Kyoungnam Yoo, curator of 5.18 Archives, will talk about the formation of Gwangju's downtown (Geumnam-ro) and history of the 5.18 democratic movement.

20 May
Mite-Ugro: The Artwork in Focus Group discussion of artworks with Seungchan Gwon and Mijung Shin with GB11 artists Claire Barclay, Hu Yun, and Bona Park

20 May
Mite-Ugro: Group reading of Julie Ault, “Active Recollection: Archiving Group Material,” in Self-Organised, eds. Stine Hebert and Anne Szefer Karlsen. GB11 artist Doug Ashford (co-founder of Group Material) will participate in the session.

18 May
Mite-Ugro: Screening of works by GB11 artist Bona Park and conversation with the artist after the film

April 2016

23 April
Curated walk: a walk in the Wolsan-Dong district Anthropologist Park Gyung-sub anthropologist discusses the history of the Gwangju's growth and everyday life

22 April
Mite-Ugro: The Artwork in Focus
Group discussion of artworks with Jung Ho Jung and Moon Yu mi with GB11 artists Ruth Buchanan and Annie Wan

21 April
Mite-Ugro: Screening of Hysterics, Autodidact and Trot, Trio, Waltz by GB11 artist Jeamin Cha and conversation with the artist after the film

20 April
Group reading of Anthony Davies, Jakob Jakobsen, Stephan Dillemuth, “There is no Alternative: The future is (self-) organised,” in Self-Organised, eds. Stine Hebert and Anne Szefer Karlsen

15 April
Artist talk with GB11 artist Fernando García-Dory

March 2016

19 March
Curated walk: "The Hybrid of Continent and Ocean Culture”, a walk in the Yangnim-Dong district Carpenter Cho Jeon Hwan will discuss the forms and features of, as well as stories about, Hanok-style architecture in Gwangju.

18 March
Mite-Ugro: Group reading of "Conversation between Maria Lind and Eungie Joo, regarding Eungie Joo’s library project as part of the Korean pavilion in the Venice Biennale 2009" in Performing the Curatorial: Within and Beyond Art, ed. Maria Lind

18 March
Mite-Ugro: The Artwork in Focus Group discussion of artworks with Park Se-hee and Lee Sun-hee

17 March
Mite-Ugro: Screening of a selection of works by the GB11 artist Ann Lislegaard

January 2016

23 January
Mite-Ugro: Seminar with GB11 artist Søren Andreasen 

22 January
Mite-Ugro: Screening of The Joycean Society by the GB11 artist Dora García and conversation with the artist after the film

21 January
Mite-Ugro: Group reading of Andrea Philips, “Remaking The Art Centre,” in Cluster: Dialectionary, eds. Binna Choi, Maria Lind, Emily Pethick, and Nataša Petrešin-Bachelez, and conversation with Maria Lind and Binna Choi