11th Gwangju Biennale
2. 9. – 6. 11. 2016

GB11 venues

GB11 is spread around various locations in Gwangju and online
Gwangju Biennale Exhibition Hall, Asia Culture Center, 5.18 Archives, Mudeung Museum of Contemporary Art, Uijae Art Museum, Woo Jaeghil Art Museum, Mite-Ugro, Nuribom Community Center, Hansaebong Agriculture & Eco Park, The Roundabout Revolution (Gwangju Station), Seo-gu Culture Center, Daein Market,

Gwangju Biennale Exhibition Hall

111 Biennale-ro,
yongbong-dong, Buk-gu,
Gwangju , 500-845

Several of the works in view at GB11 are hosted at off-site venues across the city, make sure not to miss them! Here's a list:

Christian Nyampeta, Cooperativa Cráter Invertido, Jasmina Metwaly & Philip Rizk are showing the 5.18 Archives engaging with the memories and histories of the 5.18 Uprising in Gwangju, please check the opening activities for specific programs and you can also visit the website for more information:

5.18 Archives / 5·18
211 Geumnam-ro, Dong-gu, Gwangju 61475


Please be sure to visit Asia Culture Center where New Eelam, a project by Christopher Kulendran Thomas that reimagines global housing in subscription and streaming form is on view. (10 minutes on foot from 5.18 Archives). More information here:

Asia Culture Center
(ACC Creation, Space 5)
8 Munhwajeondang-ro, Dong-gu


Take a trip out to the lovely Mudeung MounTatin Museums, located close to each other where three new commissions are on view (15 minutes by taxi from the ACC):

Gunilla Klingberg[b]
Uijae Museum of Korean Art[/b]
85-1 Ullim-dong, dong-guujam.org

Bernd Krauß
Mudeung Museum of Contemporary Art

331-6 Ullim-dong, Dong-gu, mdmoca.com

Saskia Noor van Imhoff
Woo Jaeghil Art Museum

140-6 Uijae-ro, Dong-gu, wooart.co.kr


Fernando García-Dory will be presenting a very special performance, The Lament of the Newt, on three occasions only, on the last rice field of Gwangju, at the Hansaebong Agriculture & Eco Park. Places are limited so please RSVP to: rainbow.gb11@gmail.com

Performance days are:

3 September

4 September

Hansaebong Agriculture & Eco Park
932-1 Ilkok-dong, Buk-gu


Since the winter, Apolonija Šušteršic and Dari Bae have been working on a participatory and co-operative art project that has been composed by workshops, public talks and events. A documentary film and other visual outcomes will be presented at:

Duam 2-dong Nuribom Community Center
829-8, Duam 2-dong, Buk-gu

Here's the associate event program at Duam 2-dong Nuribom Community Center:

Sat 3 September
5—7pm Public Lecture Series 1; Hands on urbanism by Elke Krasny

Fri 9 September
5–7pm Public Lecture Series 2; On Progressive Community Movements in Korea and Self –Organisation by Myung Rae Cho

Sat 17 September 2016
5—7pm Public Lecture Series 3; Discussion on Gentrification by Blaz Križnik & Alban Mannisi & Taehee Lee


Michael Beutler created Daein Sausage Shop, a “sausage making workshop” where he recycled old posters into modular structures for architectural and display purposes. One part of the installation is in the GB Halls in Gallery 3 and the other is at Daein-Market which you can also visit:

308-12, Daein-dong, Dong-gu,
광주 동구 대인동 308–12
on view 24h


Ahmet Öğüt will be showing a new work commissioned for GB11, one channel of the two-channel animation will be shown in a public screen in Gwangju, the other channel will be simultaneously shown at Alt Art Space and YAMA in Istanbul. You may visit the site at any time the video plays for one minute every half hour. The address is:

Seo-gu Culture Center (outside)
outdoor billboard on 789 Keumho-dong, Seo-gu
(good to visit by táxi on the way to and from the KTX train station)


In 2013, Eyal Weizman created a site-specific installation on Gwangju Folly II, The Roundabout Revolution at Gwangju Station. He developed it collaboratively with the architect Samaneh Moafi, and it comprises concentrical circular markings on the ground that correspond to other revolutions that took place at roundabouts, and an architectural pavilion with rotating doors and a mobile-phone film studio. This is appropriated as part of GB11.

There will be a special event here 2 September, please join us:

3-4pm for a conversation with Nicholas Hirsch, Sang Bong Kim, moderated by GB11 assistant curator Azar Mahmoudian at the Folly (Gwangju Station)

Gwangju Station
235 Mudeung-ro Buk-gu, Gwangju 61226
광주광역시 북구 무등로 235 우. 61226 (광주역)